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April Hawthorne was born in late September, which put her just outside the cut off date to being her adventure alongside her friends, Julia Linderman and Nina Pike. This meant she was the rare eleven-year-old in the following year's group of hopefuls. April began her journey with a squirtle, but always dreamed of training a weepinbell, a jolteon and a pikachu to perform in pokémon contests, because her favorite color was yellow.

Alongside April were 10-year-old twin brothers Blaine and Brock Richards, named after the late Kanto gym leaders. These young boys grew up constantly scuffling and each was determined to best the other in a challenge to become the next official Pokémon Indigo League Champion. Blaine, true to his name, selected a charmander as his first partner, and Brock set out with an eevee by his side that he has rescued and nursed back to health when he was only seven.

These three children set off on their journeys almost two months ago. None of their parents had heard from them at all.

Last month, local resident Daisy Oak came across three charred figured in a ditch. The bodies were thought to be those of the Richards rothers and Brock's eevee. Tonight, we at PEN can tell you that, unfortunately, test results have confirmed this. It is believed that the boys were attacked by thieves looking to sell the charmander, possibly to some sort of underground gang ring. It was previously unknown if April was still with the boys at this time or not, but new information appears to confirm that she was not, or that she was able to escape the thieves.

She, however, may not have fared any better than her younger companions. Just last night we received word of a squirtle corpse partially hidden in some brush on the outskirts of Viridian City. The shell was cracked and broken in several places. On the ground nearby a van's tire tracks were discovered, along with part of a hairpin that resembles the one April wore when she left Pallet Town. The evidence points to April having been abducted by some sort of child predator. Officer Jennifer Blue of Viridian City has assured us the VCPD are doing all they can to track down the whereabouts of April, but based on the age of the tire tracks it is not very likely that they will succeed.

These horrible events have shaken the residents of Pallet Town. It was believed that crime on the outskirts of the town preying on new trainers had been put to a stop, but these cases indicate that it is still alive and well. There has been no comment from the Professor about whether this will affect next year's new trainer ceremony or not.
Another new trainer Pokémon piece I've been wanting to write for a while. I can't see how the region between Pallet Town and Viridian City could be anything but filled with thieves and pedophiles waiting to prey on the young children sent out into the world from there.
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January 9, 2012
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